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to the needs of patients and their families, ensuring that the journey is stress-free and comfortable.

  • Our Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program
  • Privacy
Our Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program
  • appropriate treatment for your condition when you need it
  • the best possible care at all times, based on the latest evidence
  • to be treated with respect and have easy and honest communication with the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who are providing care to you
  • to be looked after by clinicians who have the necessary clinical skills for the work that they do
  • those who provide care to you are well-supported and part of effective teams, and have access to the resources (including equipment and information) they need to do their work
  • systems that are designed to prevent inadvertent or accidental harm to you while in hospital
  • if you have concerns, you will be able to talk to someone immediately and have your concerns addressed to your satisfaction
  • if something goes wrong with your care, that there is a system in place to openly report, investigate and fix the underlying problems so that others are not harmed. In addition, you will be told openly and honestly what went wrong and receive an apology
  • assurance that there is an external body evaluating the safety of care in hospitals and working to improve quality and safety in the Hope Clinical Care.

Your concerns will be treated confidentially and only discussed with people who need to be told about it.

Hope Clinic is committed to safeguarding the privacy of patient information. Our doctors, nurses and other staff are bound by law and a strict code of conduct to maintain confidentiality of patient information.

They have been relieved from pain

Inspiring patients
testimonial and feedback

Positive patients reviews and feedback.

Miracle Worker!!

All my life had been five foot seven. When they measured me at the office. I was five foot five. I got measured. A month later, and I was fine for five foot seven again, all the muscles that have been relaxed.


Remarkable Tools

For about 10 minutes and following that there was remarkable reduction in swelling, so much so that the eyelid was open.

Dr Kris Putrasahan, Dentist

Great Results

I’ve been so pleased with the success that they’ve had, and the success that I’ve had in being healed in painful situations without having to use various prescriptions etc. So it’s been a lifelong journey now.

Kerry Graham

No side effect

I have Lumbar spondylosis, lumbar 2-5. I have been in pain but I dont want to use pain killer because it will effect my ulcer. Since I use Laser Touch One at home, it really help to cure my pain.

Nathalia Pabisa, MD

Absolutely a Miracle!

I got so bad that I couldn’t even move my right leg and I was dragging my foot. And my friend Vicki suggested me to come to clinic. And it’s absolutely a miracle. And just a few treatments. I’m walking normally I don’t have pain.

June Levesque


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