Priscilla Sanchez

Priscilla Sanchez initially joined Hope Clinic after researching and coming to find that it was a practice that she supported and truly believed in. She just knew that she genuinely wanted to help people and witness miracles.

Priscilla admitted, “I have not only experienced the joy in doing what we do here for every patient but I have also developed true relationships with our amazing patients! We are a family here at Hope Clinic and you will be treated like one of us throughout your whole recovery journey. At Hope Clinic, our treatments come with extra heart and soul FREE OF CHARGE!”

A good word means a lot

Patients testimonial

The best advice and suggestion comes through the word of mouth. Here are some of ours…

My pain got so bad that I couldn’t even move my right leg and I was dragging my foot. And my friend Vicki suggested me to come to clinic. And it was absolutely a miracle. It took just a few treatments. Now, I’m walking normally, it’s not painful anymore.

June Levesque

I have lumbar spondylosis, lumbar 2-5. I have been in pain but I didn’t want to use pain killer because it would affect my ulcer. Since I used Laser Touch One at home, it really helped to cure my pain.

Natalia Pabisa, MD

I’ve been so pleased with the success that they’ve had, and the success that I’ve had in being helped in painful situations without having to use various prescriptions. So, it’s been a lifelong journey now.

Kerry Graham

All my life had been five foot seven. When they measured me at the office. I was five foot five. I got measured. A month later, and I was fine for five foot seven again, all the muscles that have been relaxed.


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